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Thakral Bangladesh is a business partner of Daelim System Co. Ltd. at '336, Cheongneung-daero, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Korea'. We sale, install & maintain Daelim SMART Board. We offer, Electronic Bulletin Board, DID (Digital Information Display), Video Wall etc. to our customers in Bangladesh. These devices are used for building a Digital Classroom that reduce the use of Chalks / Whiteboard. It quick and easy by entry directly on the screen, maximizes class productivity because it is convenient to write, erase, and record on the screen.

SMART Board built-in excellent touch sensing with the fast responses of touch recognition 20 times per second, beautiful appearance with excellent design, and wide viewing angle of 178 degrees in all directions.

It's a powerful android based smart development that collaborates efficiently, and users can write on the screen without any additional software during a class presentation or meeting. The devices can be used in school, college, airports, hospitals, street indicators, parking, fire alarms, emergency telephone guide, road & other construction etc.

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