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Lenovo Desktops

From traditional desktop and monitor setups to stylish all-in-one PCs, from business and gaming powerhouses to family-friendly entertainment setups: Lenovo has the right desktop to meet all the needs. It’s having the Industry-leading capabilities that dramatically increase productivity and reduce cost. Performance meets value, with features designed to make everyday computing easy and worry-free. Lenovo is having One-button file maintenance and system recovery option. Energy-efficient Lenovo desktops bring quad-core processing power, state-of-the-art security and rock-solid reliability to the business or enterprise.

As an authorized Partner, Thakral provides the wide range of Desktops from Lenovo with extensive support services.

Lenovo Laptops

As an authorized Partner of Lenovo, we provide laptops from their wide range of availability with extensive support service. Lenovo is having the extensive range of laptops to meet the different priorities:

» Performance laptops for creators, professionals, or gamers – Lenovo got the powerhouses that rival what desktops deliver.
» Ultraportable laptops for those who are always on the go.
» Budget laptops that give the value and performance in a single package.
» Innovative 2-in-1s – part laptop, part tablet, part nothing you’ve seen before – for those who want to tap the untested power of the new.

HP Desktops

As an authorized partner of HP, we offer a wide range of PCs in different sizes, form factors, and budget ranges from HP. It makes excellent business and home desktop PCs in multiple configurations to meet the needs of different users. Thakral has a varied selection of desktop computers from HP to offer with extensive support service.

HP Laptops

Thakral is the authorized partner of world's premier computer manufacturers HP and we are providing a wide range of laptops that are suitable for such diverse applications as personal use, gaming and office work from them. HP laptops utilize premium components to deliver reliable performance.